Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New products at Fine Fiber Press

Kathe and Pat are excited with the two new products for tapestry weavers that we are now selling. 1. Grattoirs and 2. English-style bobbins.


We have finally found a metal worker with the skill and the will to create grattoirs for us. Grattoirs are the French version of the comb used to push the weft into position for tapestry. A grattoir will place the weft with enough slack (bubble) that it will easily cover the warp. It is used in conjunction with the beater, not to replace it. We have found a talented machinist to make these grattoirs for us out of stainless steel. We have them available in two sizes, three tooth spacings and two surface finishes. Kathe has found that she likes the feel of the textured finish. Each size and tooth can be ordered in either finish, but you must allow extra time for the manufacturing.

Small Grattoir
is 3mm (1 3/16th inch) across at its
widest point. It tapers for ease of holding. Length is 7.5 mm (2 15/16th inch).
Fine Tooth =
10 spaces in 3 mm (10 spaces in 1 3/16th inch) (textured stainless steel)
Medium Tooth=
5 spaces in 3 mm (5 spaces in 1 3/16th inch) (polished stainless steel)
Large Grattoir
is 5.5 mm (2 3/16th inch) across at its widest point. It tapers for ease of holding. Length is 7.5 mm (2 15/16th inch). Large Tooth = 5 spaces in 5.5 mm (5 spaces in 2 3/16th inch). Small $10 retail plus shipping and handling Large $20 retail plus shipping and handling. No wholesale at this time.


Do to a misunderstanding with the wood turner we have making our Swedish-style bobbins, we have a few of these English-style bobbins in two sizes. We will probably not be carrying them after this batch is sold out.

Medium bobbin = 5 ¼ inches long, thread shank is 2 1/8 inches long.
Large bobbin = 6 ½ inches long, thread shank is 2 3/4 inches long.

Price retail $5.50 each Wholesale: $4.00 each for 20 or more plus s/h.

To order any of these new products, go to: Or see link at left.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Saturday and Sunday -June 7 and 8, 2008

We are having a special event as part of our usual Oregon Crafted weekend-The NEW WALL Celebration! As you might know, the studio was once a two story garage. The previous owner had turned the down stairs into a woodworking studio, but had left the garage door. When we moved in, we cleaned up the sawdust (actually we’re still doing that), insulated and finished the upstairs and began to write/ publish books and do our studio work in our new space.

Eventually, we discovered that the garage door was drafty and actually looked as though it was going to fall in. Thus, the NEW WALL was born! This wonderful wall is sturdy, well insulated and has WINDOWS! A great boon to studio artists. Imagine, now we can actually see what we’re doing with natural light!

Come celebrate with us. We will have a special pottery sale, crafts demonstrations, and door prizes awarded each day. We are located at 101 SW Jefferson Street in Albany, Oregon. This is one building in from the corner of 1st and Jefferson, on the east side of the street. Look for the banners and Oregon Crafted sign. Our studio is only open to the public on the first full weekend of the month as part of the Oregon Crafted Studio Tours. The usual hours are 12-5, but check the schedule for this event, since the hours will be slightly different. BTW, Fine Fiber Studio is open other times by appointment only. You can call for an appointment: 1-541-917-3251

Saturday, June 7 Schedule
10:00 Pre-sale of older inventory and seconds – JKS Pottery.
12:00 Official Open House begins
JKS Pottery, new inventory
Felted Scarves by Pat Spark
Tapestries by Kathe Todd-Hooker
Felted Wall Hangings by Pat Spark
Wire Wrapped Jewelry by Lisa Clare
Sheep Collectibles
Tapestry Equipment and Materials
Feltmaking Equipment and Materials
1:00-4:00 Demonstrations
Pictorial Needlefelting with Pat Spark
Tapestry 101 – Starting to Weave Tapestry with Kathe Todd-Hooker
2:30 Door Prize Drawing
3:00-5:00 Demonstrations
The Handbuilt Flower Pot with John Stahl

Sunday, June 8 Schedule
12:00-4:00 Demonstrations
Felt a Scarf by Pat Spark
12:00-2:00 Demonstrations
The Beaded Bracelet by Kathe Todd-Hooker
Wire Wrapping by Lisa Clare
2:00 Door Prize Drawing
2:30-5:00 Demonstrations
Tapestry on a Large Loom by Kathe Todd-Hooker