Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fine Fiber Press & Studio is on Facebook!

Yes, we have a Facebook presence! When you open your Facebook page, just type in our name in the search box (Fine Fiber Press & Studio). It would be great if you "liked" us!

New Tapestry Bobbins

We have two new bobbins. The "Fairy" is a lighter weight, small bobbin (approx. 3.75 inches long) with a large bulb. This makes the bobbin easier to hold for people with arthritic hands. The "Petite" is a small bobbin, similar to the Swedish-style bobbin, but smaller, about 3.5 inches. They are great for adults with small hands or children. See photo of these bobbins below compared to the other bobbins we sell. Retail: $6 each plus shipping and handling. Wholesale: $4.00 each for 20 or more plus s/h. Fine Fiber Press & Studio: Tapestry Miscellaneous Equipment Web Page

The Petite and the Fairy bobbins are shown at the left side of the photo. For a larger photo, go to the website listed above.

So Warped is well received.

Kathe's new book "So Warped, Warping a Loom for Weaving Tapestry" was published at the end of May, 2010. People seem to really like the book and it is getting great reviews. Check it out: