Friday, December 21, 2012

Doing more-

Pat and I have decided  that FFP needs to expand our blogging about the Studio and our business Fine Fiber Press and Studio and what's happening in the studio and our products.
So this is the first of  our post that I'll be writing and updating every two weeks starting in the New Year. Don't you  all just love  announcing new years resolutions to the whole world?  No way to get out of them or let them slide by, because everyone knows about it- No way of hiding!-LOL

Rebecca Metzoff at  has produced a really nice video on  her blog doing butterflies. Anyone who has taken a class from me  knows I am butterfly challenged and always uses bobbins. But, Rebecca's blog video makes using and winding butterflies a whole lot easier. She also mentions us at resource for using bobbins. Thank you Rebecca! for the video and the nice comments about our bobbins and me.

To see more about winding bobbins you can take a look at the U-tube video's that Pat and I created on the care and feeding of bobbins. We even have the Videos on  DVD's if any one is interested.

On another note- Here's a picture of Penny's(Pat's granddaughter) new Christmas sock in process. When finished it will be about half of the size as Pat continues to felt.

Happy Holidays,Cheers and all,